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Capturing Moments. Creating Stories. Connecting Communities.

Embrace a realm of creativity and connection with our tailored suite of services. We specialize in local business branding, curating visual identities, crafting compelling social media content, and producing marketing materials finely tuned for small enterprises within our community. Additionally, our passion extends to the enchanting world of pet and animal photography, where we capture the charm and character of beloved companions, farm animals, and wildlife. Through community engagement projects, local events coverage, and collaborations with animal organizations and small businesses, we are committed to fostering vibrant narratives that celebrate the uniqueness and vitality of local life. At Millennial Cowgirl, we intertwine storytelling with creativity, igniting brand experiences and captivating moments that resonate within the hearts of our community in Tiffin, OH.

Since our start in 2019...

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Own Your Brand

Transform your digital presence with our expert website building service. We specialize in crafting online spaces tailored to your brand. From sleep and responsive designs to seamless user experiences.

easy takeover | branded website | user friendly

Starting at $725

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Equne Photography



Our equine photography services are crafted to capture the timeless beauty, grace, and spirit of horses. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, our equine photography sessions aim to encapsulate the unique essence of each horse, preserving cherished memories and celebrating the magnificence of these animals. 

1 hour of shooting | 40+ edited images | online gallery | 1 location | barn discounts available



Pets & Animals

All Inclusive

Capture the heartwarming essence of your beloved pets or the rustic beauty of farm animals. Our expertise in pet and animal photography extends to every furry companion, farm animal, or wildlife subject. From immortalizing the playful moments of pets in captivating portraits to documenting the rustic charm of farm life through picturesque imagery, each snapshot encapsulates the unique spirit and character of these animals.

1 hour of shooting | 40+ edited images | online gallery | 1 location 


Pet Photography

Local Business


Position your business for success with our comprehensive local business branding services. We specialize in curating visual identities and crafting compelling marketing materials tailored for small enterprises in the Tiffin, OH area. Our expertise extends to capturing the essence of your business through captivating headshots that embody your team's professionalism and personality. Additionally, our product photography services elevate your offerings, showcasing them in their best light to engage and entice your audience, ensuring your business stands out within the Tiffin community. 

1 hour of shooting | 55+ edited images | online gallery | 1 location | 5 headshots, 10 products 


Local Business Branding

Local Events 


Documents the vibrant pulse of local events, farmers' markets, and community gatherings through compelling photography and visual storytelling. Our coverage brings these moments to life, promoting local businesses while capturing the essence of the community's spirit. Each image tells a story, contributing to a collective narrative that celebrates the uniqueness and vitality of local Tiffin events.

Please contact us for more information.

Local Events Coverage

Community Engagement


Fuse creativity with community interests through engaging photo projects. We initiate and lead community-driven endeavors, such as photo sessions for local pet shelters or collaborating with small businesses on joint marketing campaigns. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, these projects not only promote local causes but also strengthen community bonds, creating a visual narrative that resonates with hearts and minds alike. 

2 hours of shooting | 40+ edited images | online gallery | can be multiple locations


Community Engagement Projects

Moments captured, stories created.

​-à la carte-

Want to add some perks to your package? Check out our options below and let us know what you would like to add!


+1 hour of shooting | $55

Additional Images x10 | $80

Travel | TBD on location




WHat is the timeline to receive our pictures?

We aim to have all galleries completed within the first 3 weeks after your shoot. Please let us know if you have a certain deadline needing to be met, and we will do our best to make that happen. We are always an open line of communication.

Can I include multiple pets in a single session?

Absolutely! We can accommodate multiple pets in one session, ensuring each pet receives its moment in the spotlight.

What type of events do you cover locally?

We specialize in covering a diverse range of local events, ensuring comprehensive visual documentation. Our services encompass various occasions, including but not limited to community festivals, charity events, cultural gatherings, sports tournaments, corporate functions, and much more. We aim to capture the essence and vibrancy of each event, showcasing its unique moments and the stories that unfold within the local community. 

What kind of community projects do you engage in?

Our studio actively participates in an array of community-driven projects that aim to uplift and support local initiatives. We collaborate with diverse organizations and individuals on projects centered around promoting local businesses, advocating for animal welfare, fostering community engagement, and contributing to meaningful causes. From supporting small businesses' marketing endeavors to partnering with animal shelters for awareness campaigns, our focus is on initiatives that foster community growth, amplify voices, and make a positive impact within our local area.

Can individuals or organizations propose collaborative projects?

We absolutely welcome proposals for collaborative projects from individuals and organizations alike. At our studio, we value collaboration and the diverse perspectives it brings. Whether you're an individual passionate about a community cause or an organization seeking to collaborate on a project that aligns with our values, we're open to discussing potential partnerships. Feel free to reach out with your ideas, and let's explore how we can join forces to create something impactful and meaningful for our community.

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